Work Experience:​
  • Founder, CEO of the Qoshcar Automotive.​
  • Co-Founder of the real estate company, Director. ​
  • Head of the brokerage department.​
  • Commercial director of the rental/sales department.​
  • Leading specialist of the rental department.​
  • Senior sales manager for premium cars: BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce and motorcycles BMW Motorad.​
  • Sales Manager.​
  • Credit administrator of the bank branch. ​
  • Consultant on banking products. ​
Bachelor of the Faculty: "Economics and Business", Specialty: "Finance". ​
Bachelor of the Faculty: "Mathematics and computer technologies", Specialty: "Computer hardware and software".​

Graduate of Stroganov Academy and Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milano,​ Alexey has over 15 years experience in automotive and product design projects.​ Worked at Renault and ArtLebedev design studios. Participated in Aurus/UMP project from 2014 onwards where he contributed to the design of Aurus Senat, Kommendant, and Cabriolet models. ​
Based in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Studied Design in The Bashkir State University of Ufa. Worked as modeler since 2017 for Moscow Bureau of Industrial Design “Masshtab”, from 2018 till 2020 as industrial designer via Upwork and since 2020 as freelance designer and modeler for various brands. ​
Located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Studied in Almaty college of Construction and Management . Worked in various bureaus and design studios as graphic designer, automotive interior and exterior designer, VFX, CG, UI/UX designer and 3D modeler. ​
Located in Moscow. Studied in MAMI. Worked for various automotive and industrial design brands. Currently Head of Program Vehicle Design at MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (MAMI), owner of Slava`Saakyan design studio.​
Born in USSR, studied industrial design at St.-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, graduated with BA and MA degree from Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin, Italy. Professional work experience includes such companies as GM, Mercedes-Benz, Ssangyong, Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Maserati, NIO, Kiska and others. Participated in many production and concept projects in field on transportation design, among which are NIO ES8 and NIO ES8 facelift, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, SsangYong XIV series and others.​
QOSHCAR AUTOMOTIVE is a young and ambitious startup developing hybrid (PHEV) and electric vehicles (EV) in Central Asia. ​We create a future-proof car that fits perfectly into the concept of a modern metropolis, long-distance travel, luxury, comfort and environmental friendliness. ​The company's office is located in Astana, Kazakhstan. ​The company was founded on April 28, 2022.​
Founder & CEO
Interior Designer​
CAS Designer
Exterior Designer​
Interior Designer​
Lead Designer​